Online Learning for your Preschooler

By June 3, 2021 Currently

We are all experiencing uncharted territory when it comes to preschool education during this pandemic: transitioning from in-person classroom experiences to virtual ones. With a global pandemic affecting all of us, this situation can feel difficult to navigate. As we move towards online learning, there are some growing pains we are feeling as the world adjusts. But preschool children need connection with peers and other adults, as well as have regular routines at home more than ever. Here’s why you should consider TLC E-Le@rning for your child:

A major benefit of online education is the convenience of it all. Without having to deal with traffic and the commute to and fro, online education allows families flexibility and to maximize time at home. With the wide availability of Wi-Fi connections, students can be logged in from anywhere and everywhere.

With online classes, the opportunities available to students are boundless. Schools are able to incorporate many activities that utilize varied materials, supplies and even rooms found at home. This gives students many learning opportunities to learn practical life skills, and perform alternative hands-on experiments that are unique to learning from home.

Online learning also affords shared experiences for families. Parents become more involved in their preschool child’s virtual classes which allows them to learn more about their child’s development. Carving out time to sit with your child during his/her online class can be daunting as we lead busy lives as adults, but the bond that develops from this shared experience far outweighs this seeming inconvenience.

Young preschoolers also benefit from interactions and engagements with others. With no clear solutions to end this pandemic, we need to find alternative opportunities to allow young children to socialize. Being in the safety of their own homes makes this a less intimidating experience for young children. They are more at ease to converse and form relationships with classmates and teachers.

Online learning can be difficult to navigate, but as your trusted childcare experts, we also have many reasons to be hopeful and optimistic that we can make the most of this experience with the support of families. Underneath the growing pains of virtual education, there are benefits that with a lot of passion and dedication, preschoolers can reap as the world continues through the global pandemic.


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