Szarrii Chloe Lao Lim

Szarrii was one of the pioneer Toddler Connection students when TLC opened its doors 11 years ago. We fondly remember her as a cherubic, 2-year old who was always well-behaved and enthusiastic in school. Szarrii spent three years in TLC and transitioned to ICA after her Senior level. While in TLC, Szarrii was often tapped to perform during school programs. Little did we know that this budding star would continue to shine ever so brightly in the big school.

This past March, Szarrii graduated from grade school in ICA and took home three medals! She completed her grade school years with “high honors,” was awarded a silver medal for Campus Leadership, and likewise earned a gold medal for Chinese Language Proficiency.

Lest you think Szarrii’s nose is always buried in schoolwork, Szarrii is a well-rounded, fun-loving girl who loves singing and dancing. She also excels in sports and enjoys gymnastics.

Your TLC family is so proud of you, Szarrii!