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Making Strides

Antonio Miguel Velasco
Foundation is the first determinant of success. A building must have a solid foundation to withstand nature’s tests, a relationship must be built on an honest foundation to last, and even we, humans, have to be founded on the proper values and morals to triumph life’s greatest obstacles. I, an alumnus of TLC, am undoubtedly proud to say that my foundation is what has led me to where I am today, brought me my successes, and positioned me for greater opportunity.

Making Strides

I recently graduated from Xavier School and have accomplished the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) – a globally recognized curriculum renowned for its rigor. Thankfully I graduated with First Honors, a feat I certainly had no ease in accomplishing. On top of consistently producing First Honors, I also juggled several extracurricular activities (ECAs). I served as a subcommittee head in the Lingkod Committee where we organized several service-related activities. I also devoted my time to the Appreciation Day Committee, where we organized a special day to show our gratitude to our teachers. I fortunately was also a part of the Xavier Science Guild, essentially Xavier’s science varsity team. I also pursued some of my other interests such as hosting programs, even getting my own weekly segment in our school’s assembly where I reported on the achievements and upcoming games of the school’s athletes. There are just so many things I was blessed enough to have done in my school, and I must attribute a large part of it to the foundation I had developed in the years of education I had before Xavier.

Making Strides

Now, I intend to study abroad; however, my plans are not yet final. As I wait for the results of my IBDP exams, I am considering options in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. If all goes well and I am accepted to the applied universities, I will certainly have an even tougher and more daunting task ahead of me. Aside from juggling my academic and extracurricular responsibilities, I now face the test of living abroad independently. I will now have to navigate my own way around the subway, budget my own expenses, and even do my own laundry on a daily basis! However, I am confident that I will thrive. I have a solid foundation and have been well groomed for whatever may challenge me. I look forward to what may come, and it is this confidence that has been a part of my foundation, thanks to TLC.

Making Strides

Cirque du TLC Parents' Day

Parents' day 2016


Education is a partnership and our children benefit from a strong connection between home and school. We hope to see you on Parents' Day!

When we build a strong connection between home and school, our children benefit tremendously. Bridging these two worlds together helps children do better in school, teachers gain high self-esteem, and even parents become empowered and invested in their child's life. We hope to see you as we celebrate Parents' Day this month. Gear up for a day of festive bonding, games and activities. After all, TLC is where learning and fun become one!

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home 2016

We are all excited to embark on another year of learning and fun, and there’s no more fitting way to welcome you all to The Learning Connection Preschool than by saying, “Welcome home!”

As TLC will be your child’s home away from home, you can be guaranteed that your little ones will receive the same tender loving care you parents give your children. Our home-school philosophy encourages open communication lines between parents and teachers, and our school year is lined up with activities and events to involve all of you in your child’s preschool journey in TLC. But more importantly, our teachers and staff are all loving and nurturing, so rest assured that your children will truly feel like “home.”

Welcome to school year 2016-2017!

Grandparents' Day 2016

Grandparents' day 2016


Don your cowboy hats and knee-high boots as we swing, turn and do-si-do. Let’s allemande and promenade to the beat of country music. Yee-haw!

Special people deserve a special day, and Grandparents’ day is TLC’s way of celebrating that unique bond between grandparents and their grandchild. Head on over to TLC on September 14 to 16 for a “Country Showdown” in honor of our beloved grandparents!


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