Megan Isabel Yap Kawpeng

Megan spent 2 formative years in TLC prior to attending big school in ICA. As a young preschooler, Megan was inquisitive, and active. She was also very hardworking and competent when completing her schoolwork. Evidently, she has carried on all these positive traits through the years. She graduated “with honors” when she completed her grade school years in ICA last March.

Aside from excelling in academics, Megan is also a budding artist who enjoys painting and sketching. Her keen eye for design and attention to detail is even more evident as she has taught herself to crochet a beanie simply through the Internet. Megan’s parents are so impressed with her work that they are eagerly awaiting drinking class coasters and even a cardigan for dad!

Megan keeps herself preoccupied with a myriad of hobbies, activities and sports. She enjoys badminton and biking. She is likewise a voracious speed-reader and is partial to Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games books, Cahill vs. Vespers series and the like. She enjoys watching TV shows on The Food Network and this has influenced her to dabble in cooking and baking. Recently, she even sold some of her baked treats.

We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, Megan! Keep up the fantastic work!