Jason and Imac Ng

Jason and Ian Michael Ng were two of The Learning Connection’s 34 pioneer students when the school started in 2003. Jason was observant and diligent, while Imac was sweet and playful. Both boys moved up to Xavier School where they have reaped numerous academic awards in subjects such as Math, Science and Mandarin. They have likewise received citations for their conduct and diligence.

Jason joined TLC as a Senior student. As the elder o f the two brothers, he was responsible and hardworking. He has carried these traits all throughout his years in Xavier School as he has received various awards throughout his years in school. Most notably: first honors, and awards for essay writing, listening and comprehension in Mandarin.

Imac spent three formative years in TLC. As a Toddler level student, he was shy and quiet but was active and driven as he transitioned to the Senior level. He is also doing consistently well in Xavier School as he has been awarded certificates of subject excellence in Mandarin and Science as well as first honors for excellence in all subject areas.

TLC is so proud of your accomplishments, Jason and Imac! We always wish you both the best!