Addie's Happy Place

The Learning Connection is a great progressive school with the most awesome people we have ever met. It’s run by the most caring teachers who want nothing but the best for their students, and their individualized approach to learning really brings out the best in the children.

While it’s tempting to leave it at that, it doesn’t do justice to what this school really does for the young ones that walk through its vibrant halls every day. TLC teaches the kids more than just knowing numbers, reading letters or speaking Mandarin. They teach the value of being respectful to your elders and why you should always listen to your mom and dad. They remind us how showing our love to our grandparents in even the smallest way can mean the world to them. They even teach us how to share with our friends just like how we would our siblings, to say sorry when we’re wrong, and to wait our turn so everyone gets a share. This school teaches a family how to be a family. Enrolling your child in this school doesn’t just mean you’re just another student joining the ranks. No – you become a part of a great family you never knew you could have.

Choosing a school for our daughter, Addie, was not easy. With the multitude of choices available, it was difficult to single out an organization that we knew would bring out the best in her. We stumbled upon TLC’s website and were immediately interested. Their commitment to giving a progressive learning experience coupled with an environment suited for naturally curious minds fitted what we wanted for our daughter. During the first day of school, she was afraid and hesitant to leave our side and be left behind in this strange world of strangers. That was two and a half years ago. Now, she’s always excited to go to school, and leaves every midmorning brimming with stories of the awesome day she had with her teachers and classmates. We’re amazed at how she’s transformed from a clingy little toddler to an independent young lady in such a short period of time. She is now always eager to learn, to try something new, and to explore where she can. We daresay TLC is one of the happiest places our daughter has ever been to in her young life.

We have nothing but high praises for what The Learning Connection has done for Addie. Now, when people ask me if choosing TLC is a good choice, we always tell them that their biggest mistake would be not to choose TLC.

~ Mommy April and Daddy Arbi Bautista