Daddy Patrick's Testimony

Choosing a pre-school that suits the needs and development of our child is a very daunting experience. With so many pre-schools around, advice and guidance from relatives and friends form part of the decision making process. TLC stemmed from this advice.

The Learning Connection truly does live up to its name of staying connected as it ensures that learning is three way between teachers, students and parents. This is achieved through weekly circulars, progress reports and our child's favorite, borrowing a book from the school's library which leads to our weekend ritual of reading the book before going to bed.

Another wonderful tool used by TLC to aid in their connection is through their website where photos and stories of our child's activity is posted in their secured parents only access area. This is where parents are encouraged to also post photos, comments and feedback.

Learning at TLC is a fun experience, when we ask our child about his day's activities, it is always answered by "playing, dancing, running around, story telling" but what is more astounding is when our child relates his school activities to real world experiences such as hygiene practices, safety signs, drawing and many others. Our child is encourage to explore, experience and just get their hands dirty and most importantly have fun. Our child has come home numerous times with paint all over his clothes, hands and face; and we just knew he had a fun day in school.

TLC also ensures the connection with the parents though many activities throughout the year such as the parents day, grandparents day, entrepreneurial day, talent show day, field trips, the much awaited christmas presentation and moving up day.

Would I recommend TLC...? Definitely...our third son is going there in the next school year.

~ Daddy Patrick Garcia