Mommy Ines' Testimony

As a former TLC teacher and now as a TLC parent, I feel I have seen bothsides of the coin. I’ve experienced the professional yet friendly work atmospherethat administrators, teachers, and staff foster at the school. I’ve also experiencedthe hard work and organization that goes into everything from the planning of thedaily activities of the children to the family events that take place in the school.Having been such a happy teacher when I was then working with the TLC family wasmore than enough reason for me to choose this school for Gab.

Now as a parent to a child who’s on his second year at TLC, I feel so muchpride and amazement at the amount that TLC has grown as a school. The successof TLC is indeed well-deserved. From the ‘dream team’ administrator duo to thesuperb teachers and staff, the TLC experience could only get better.

Gab has truly found his ‘second home’ in TLC. From once a clingy toddler to anow independent, well-adjusted and outspoken boy, the daily grind of taking him toand from school (as we don’t live close by) is more than worth it. I am surely lookingforward to Gab’s succeeding years in TLC.

I speak as a teacher and as a parent when I assure you that our children arein good, caring and trustworthy hands when we choose TLC.

~ Ines Santiago