Mommy Peaches' Testimony

We first heard about TLC through a cousin who enrolled their child in the same school. At that time, Farrel was just about a year old and we were already considering a number of “traditional” schools for him since we did not know any other type of preschool. So, when he turned 2.5 years old and wanting him to be “more sociable” with other kids his age, we conveniently decided to try out TLC’s CAMP TLC for that summer to gauge whether he was ready for the incoming June enrollment.

Indeed, CAMP TLC did not fail us. The program had various activities that made Farrel come out of his shell. It took him a while to let go of our hands and really soak into the activities. But having teachers that made the kids be involved made him comfortable and made him look forward in going to TLC every morning. It was at this point that we decided to enroll him for that same school year because he was already comfortable and at ease. For him, school wasn’t school because the surroundings were so cheerful and happy that it was like his second home.

His junior year was marked with establishing friends (and maintaining them until today), gaining solid ground for the basics of learning highlighted with tons of FUN! What we liked most was when he transitioned to his senior year; you can see many changes in him. He was more responsible with his work; more attuned to his surroundings and his thirst for learning and knowing were firmly implanted in him.

We believe this was mainly due to the personalized way his teachers did their lesson plan for the week. They were very hands-on with each child in the classroom like how each student will progress on their own without pressuring the kids to cope if one is slightly behind. Senior year was more focused in their application to various big schools and you can see that even the administrators were preparing them on a one-on-one basis. They would inform the progress of each child to us parents who are more concerned with the big step of going to a bigger school.

Transition was not that difficult at all for Farrel. In fact, he had an easy time adjusting to big school. We truly believe this had a lot to do with TLC’s firm and solid foundation that was instilled in him. And for this, we are truly grateful for following our instincts and going with TLC’s progressive learning.

~ Peaches Go-Tiu