Mommy Jackie's Testimony

My husband and I are still learning the ropes of being progressive parents and sending our daughter Gabbie to school when she was just two years old wasn’t something we had in mind. But it was when I gave birth to her baby brother that we decided that ECE (early childhood education) was best for her so that she can fully develop her skills, particularly how she interact with other kids.

TLC is the only school we’re interested in putting our daughter in. I’ve heard positive feedbacks amongst our family and friends whose kids went there and for me; recommendation is always crucial when deciding on matters such as this.

I remember her telling me that she wanted to go to school soon after she came home from her trial class. We knew it was the right choice and we decided then and there that we’d be parents to a preschooler. You see Gabbie is a very shy little lady. She would often times hide behind me or would stop whatever she’s doing as soon as some stranger looks at her or even when relatives would praise her for a job well done. All that change merely after a semester in TLC. Listening to instructions and being more independent were the obvious results of Gabbie’s schooling. She’s now more vocal about what she wants, how she feels and is very eager in immersing herself to activities she finds interesting. She’s very excited to go to school everyday and even during the summer, every time we’d pass by the school, she’ll shout with glee “that’s my school!” Talk about school pride!

What we love about The Learning Connection is how it hones the skills my child needs in preparation for the big school. The teachers as well as the staff had built camaraderie amongst the children as well as with us the parents. The school setting promotes independence but at the same time instill the kids’ awareness on how to be a responsible individual. They implement progressive teaching letting the kids learn through exploration combined with proper guidance. I also love that the school environment and facilities are very child-friendly and prioritizes the safety of the kids.

Now we’re even firm believers of ECE. Knowing that putting Gabbie in TLC has helped her (myself included) in practicing being a progressive individual and I’m glad we made the right choice. To put your child in an environment that can make her a better person is the best thing a parent can ever do. If your child demonstrates the energy to learn and the capacity to be immersed in an environment that will enhance her positive traits and skills then The Learning Connection is the perfect school for her.

~ Jackie Go