Addie's Happy Place

The Learning Connection is a great progressive school with the most awesome people we have ever met. It’s run by the most caring teachers who want nothing but the best for their students, and their individualized approach to learning really brings out the best in the children.

While it’s tempting to leave it at that, it doesn’t do justice to what this school really does for the young ones that walk through its vibrant halls every day. TLC teaches the kids more than just knowing numbers, reading letters or speaking Mandarin. They teach the value of being respectful to your elders and why you should always listen to your mom and dad. They remind us how showing our love to our grandparents in even the smallest way can mean the world to them. They even teach us how to share with our friends just like how we would our siblings, to say sorry when we’re wrong, and to wait our turn so everyone gets a share. This school teaches a family how to be a family. Enrolling your child in this school doesn’t just mean you’re just another student joining the ranks. No – you become a part of a great family you never knew you could have.

Choosing a school for our daughter, Addie, was not easy. With the multitude of choices available, it was difficult to single out an organization that we knew would bring out the best in her. We stumbled upon TLC’s website and were immediately interested. Their commitment to giving a progressive learning experience coupled with an environment suited for naturally curious minds fitted what we wanted for our daughter. During the first day of school, she was afraid and hesitant to leave our side and be left behind in this strange world of strangers. That was two and a half years ago. Now, she’s always excited to go to school, and leaves every midmorning brimming with stories of the awesome day she had with her teachers and classmates. We’re amazed at how she’s transformed from a clingy little toddler to an independent young lady in such a short period of time. She is now always eager to learn, to try something new, and to explore where she can. We daresay TLC is one of the happiest places our daughter has ever been to in her young life.

We have nothing but high praises for what The Learning Connection has done for Addie. Now, when people ask me if choosing TLC is a good choice, we always tell them that their biggest mistake would be not to choose TLC.

~ Mommy April and Daddy Arbi Bautista

Daddy Patrick's Testimony

Choosing a pre-school that suits the needs and development of our child is a very daunting experience. With so many pre-schools around, advice and guidance from relatives and friends form part of the decision making process. TLC stemmed from this advice.

The Learning Connection truly does live up to its name of staying connected as it ensures that learning is three way between teachers, students and parents. This is achieved through weekly circulars, progress reports and our child's favorite, borrowing a book from the school's library which leads to our weekend ritual of reading the book before going to bed.

Another wonderful tool used by TLC to aid in their connection is through their website where photos and stories of our child's activity is posted in their secured parents only access area. This is where parents are encouraged to also post photos, comments and feedback.

Learning at TLC is a fun experience, when we ask our child about his day's activities, it is always answered by "playing, dancing, running around, story telling" but what is more astounding is when our child relates his school activities to real world experiences such as hygiene practices, safety signs, drawing and many others. Our child is encourage to explore, experience and just get their hands dirty and most importantly have fun. Our child has come home numerous times with paint all over his clothes, hands and face; and we just knew he had a fun day in school.

TLC also ensures the connection with the parents though many activities throughout the year such as the parents day, grandparents day, entrepreneurial day, talent show day, field trips, the much awaited christmas presentation and moving up day.

Would I recommend TLC...? Definitely...our third son is going there in the next school year.

~ Daddy Patrick Garcia

Mommy Christine's Testimony

Our daughter Lauren started at TLC when she was 2.5 years old. We've seen how much she's grown from a curious toddler into a confident little girl who enjoys every minute of her time spent learning and socializing at school. TLC has become her second home, a safe, secure and cheerful place to explore, discover and experience new lessons everyday. Plus, we love that Mandarin is part of her pre-school curriculum. We have no reservations encouraging our friends with toddlers to send their little ones to TLC as well!

~ Christine Dychiao

Mommy Peaches' Testimony

We first heard about TLC through a cousin who enrolled their child in the same school. At that time, Farrel was just about a year old and we were already considering a number of “traditional” schools for him since we did not know any other type of preschool. So, when he turned 2.5 years old and wanting him to be “more sociable” with other kids his age, we conveniently decided to try out TLC’s CAMP TLC for that summer to gauge whether he was ready for the incoming June enrollment.

Indeed, CAMP TLC did not fail us. The program had various activities that made Farrel come out of his shell. It took him a while to let go of our hands and really soak into the activities. But having teachers that made the kids be involved made him comfortable and made him look forward in going to TLC every morning. It was at this point that we decided to enroll him for that same school year because he was already comfortable and at ease. For him, school wasn’t school because the surroundings were so cheerful and happy that it was like his second home.

His junior year was marked with establishing friends (and maintaining them until today), gaining solid ground for the basics of learning highlighted with tons of FUN! What we liked most was when he transitioned to his senior year; you can see many changes in him. He was more responsible with his work; more attuned to his surroundings and his thirst for learning and knowing were firmly implanted in him.

We believe this was mainly due to the personalized way his teachers did their lesson plan for the week. They were very hands-on with each child in the classroom like how each student will progress on their own without pressuring the kids to cope if one is slightly behind. Senior year was more focused in their application to various big schools and you can see that even the administrators were preparing them on a one-on-one basis. They would inform the progress of each child to us parents who are more concerned with the big step of going to a bigger school.

Transition was not that difficult at all for Farrel. In fact, he had an easy time adjusting to big school. We truly believe this had a lot to do with TLC’s firm and solid foundation that was instilled in him. And for this, we are truly grateful for following our instincts and going with TLC’s progressive learning.

~ Peaches Go-Tiu

Mommy Candice's Testimony

We are very pleased to have had our children start their early education at The Learning Connection. TLC's warm and friendly teachers, coupled with their engaging curriculum, allowed our kids to have fun while understanding concepts of learning in a progressive Christian environment.

As Chinese-Filipinos, we wanted our children to grow up learning Chinese, and it was a bonus that TLC had good facilities, ample play time and focused a lot on family bonding and values.

Now that our kids are grown, they are ready to take on further education, empowered with confidence and skills that will help them tackle the big school!

~ Candice Ang

Mommy Ines' Testimony

As a former TLC teacher and now as a TLC parent, I feel I have seen bothsides of the coin. I’ve experienced the professional yet friendly work atmospherethat administrators, teachers, and staff foster at the school. I’ve also experiencedthe hard work and organization that goes into everything from the planning of thedaily activities of the children to the family events that take place in the school.Having been such a happy teacher when I was then working with the TLC family wasmore than enough reason for me to choose this school for Gab.

Now as a parent to a child who’s on his second year at TLC, I feel so muchpride and amazement at the amount that TLC has grown as a school. The successof TLC is indeed well-deserved. From the ‘dream team’ administrator duo to thesuperb teachers and staff, the TLC experience could only get better.

Gab has truly found his ‘second home’ in TLC. From once a clingy toddler to anow independent, well-adjusted and outspoken boy, the daily grind of taking him toand from school (as we don’t live close by) is more than worth it. I am surely lookingforward to Gab’s succeeding years in TLC.

I speak as a teacher and as a parent when I assure you that our children arein good, caring and trustworthy hands when we choose TLC.

~ Ines Santiago

Mommy Jackie's Testimony

My husband and I are still learning the ropes of being progressive parents and sending our daughter Gabbie to school when she was just two years old wasn’t something we had in mind. But it was when I gave birth to her baby brother that we decided that ECE (early childhood education) was best for her so that she can fully develop her skills, particularly how she interact with other kids.

TLC is the only school we’re interested in putting our daughter in. I’ve heard positive feedbacks amongst our family and friends whose kids went there and for me; recommendation is always crucial when deciding on matters such as this.

I remember her telling me that she wanted to go to school soon after she came home from her trial class. We knew it was the right choice and we decided then and there that we’d be parents to a preschooler. You see Gabbie is a very shy little lady. She would often times hide behind me or would stop whatever she’s doing as soon as some stranger looks at her or even when relatives would praise her for a job well done. All that change merely after a semester in TLC. Listening to instructions and being more independent were the obvious results of Gabbie’s schooling. She’s now more vocal about what she wants, how she feels and is very eager in immersing herself to activities she finds interesting. She’s very excited to go to school everyday and even during the summer, every time we’d pass by the school, she’ll shout with glee “that’s my school!” Talk about school pride!

What we love about The Learning Connection is how it hones the skills my child needs in preparation for the big school. The teachers as well as the staff had built camaraderie amongst the children as well as with us the parents. The school setting promotes independence but at the same time instill the kids’ awareness on how to be a responsible individual. They implement progressive teaching letting the kids learn through exploration combined with proper guidance. I also love that the school environment and facilities are very child-friendly and prioritizes the safety of the kids.

Now we’re even firm believers of ECE. Knowing that putting Gabbie in TLC has helped her (myself included) in practicing being a progressive individual and I’m glad we made the right choice. To put your child in an environment that can make her a better person is the best thing a parent can ever do. If your child demonstrates the energy to learn and the capacity to be immersed in an environment that will enhance her positive traits and skills then The Learning Connection is the perfect school for her.

~ Jackie Go